I like to give back. One week is not enough for random acts of kindness; I celebrate year round. After all, there is something to be said for good karma (what goes around comes around, you get what you give etc…).

Here are a few things I have been doing lately to spread positive energy.

Impromptu Gifts

Nothing shows you care like an unannounced gift. Cats present their humans with dead animal carcasses (just ew), dogs bring newspapers and slippers (how mundane). I do this the only way I know how; by leaving some nice droppings wherever my human takes me. I like to check to make sure she notices, by giving her a look that says “Did you see what I made you?“, and I can always tell it is appreciated, because my droppings are promptly scooped up (probably for safekeeping). Even my loyal pedicurist was lucky enough to personally receive some of my royal droppings! That is reserved only for those in The King’s good graces.

Birthday Surprises

There’s nothing better than a surprise on your birthday. That’s why this year on her birthday, I treated my human to something she could never have expected. I know how she likes adrenaline and jumping all the things, so I figured why not let her do some gravity-defying acrobatics all on her own. I waited for the opportune moment (the horrifying sound of snow whooshing off the arena roof) to make my move, and, timing it just right, I combined a leap with a pretty epic corkscrew buck, and sent her flying and flipping through the air like an Olympic trampolinist (she was so surprised, she didn’t see it coming). Needless to say, my audience was in awe of my supreme athleticism (I provided everyone with an exciting rodeo show, free of charge!), and her graceful subservience to the gravitational force. It’s a birthday I know she’ll never forget.

Product Testing and Quality Assurance

Someone once said “Never stop improving.” Wise words. Wise words indeed. As such, I do my utmost to perform rigorous product testing to ensure that my apparel and equipment are up to snuff, as I have mentioned previously. Most recently, through a series of methodical tests and trials, I discovered a design flaw in my stable blanket, which resulted in a large, probably irreparable tear. This provides important feedback to my human, who  will need to invest in more durable (and hopefully more fashionable – hint, I like sparkles) outerwear for next season.

I also strive to maintain a thick coating of mud (weather-permitting) on the surface area of my svelte physique, including my outerwear. My reasoning is two-fold: on the one hand, I am providing my human with added heart-healthy daily physical activity (extra grooming), and on the other, I am testing the durability and weather-proof quality of my gear.

Maybe you have some random acts of kindness of your own; leave them in the comments below – I’d love to hear your success stories!